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Fantasy Side Scroller DLC

Fantasy Side Scroller Player is a DLC for Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO and PREMIUM that allows users the ability to build their own 3D games from fun and exciting retro side-scroller perspective. 


Packed with tons of assets, features and game player mechanics, users are able to create endless custom side-scroller games that include: two custom player characters each with unique abilities and animations, customizable enemy player, power-ups, pick-ups, assets tuned with game-play mechanics, scene-linking for endless map connections, hack’n slash game play, sounds, sound effects, and custom placement for all characters, start and end points.  Get ready for some serious fun and immediate satisfaction creating your own side-scrolling games to play AND share with your friends!!


Features Include:

  • Player Start Locations

  • Player Exit Locations

  • Enemy Placement

  • Player Power-Ups – Super Speed, Super Jump, Invincibility, etc.

  • Player Pick-Ups

  • Hack’n Slash Game Play

  • Game Play Mechanics

  • Four unique Player Characters include – Knight, Wizard, Sorceress and Monk

  • Custom animations set for all Player and Enemy Characters

  • Each Player Character includes unique abilities

  • Assets programmed with Game Play Mechanics – Coins, breakable & exploding barrels and treasure chests

  • Scene-Linking – Players are able to connect maps with start and exit points for endless gameplay

  • Enemy Scalability – Enemy’s scale can be changed for more variations in gameplay

  • Custom GUI

  • Sound and Sound Effects


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