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AGFPRO v3.0 Includes Nine (9) Applications for Development:
  • AGF Launch Pad

  • AGF World Editor/Builder

  • AGF Constructor

  • AGF Browser

  • AGF Game Packager

  • AGF Scene Loader

  • ARGP Player (Internal & External)

  • Platform Player (Internal & External)

  • FPS Player (External)

AGF v3.0 Launch Pad:
  • Launches all AGF Apps including the Editor from one toolbar

AGF v3.0 World Editor/Builder:
  • User-Friendly Project Creation Wizard

    • Extensive (user extendable) library of built-in pre-set themes for immediate level design

    • Themes include lighting, atmosphere, terrain, vegetation, & water pre-defined

  • Intuitive User Interface with "Radial Menu" to expedite workflow

    • Drag and reorganize windows to customize UI

    • On & Off feature quickly hide menu

  • Brand-New Story Editor:

    • Feature allows users to add story elements into games and scenes/levels

    • Import PNG files into Story Editor to further customize your storytelling and gaming experience

    • Customize text size, color, positioning, and layout

    • Add Snapshot allows users to capture a screenshot of any location in your level to add to the story element

    • Combine Images and Text to connect your levels to each other and create an on going story with chapter elements

  • Dropdown Menu System

  • Closeable, Collapsing, Drag-able Windows

  • Object List

    • Displays all objects currently used in game map

    • Use the focus button in the Object List to quickly find assets in your environment

    • Use the search function of the Object List to find and/or select multiple assets and/or their child assets to template visibility to expedite complex scene creation

    • Object labels display asset’s name for easy identification; toggle object labels on and off via presets menu

  • Real Time Terrain Deformation and Painting System

    • Optimized Terrain Editing for faster feedback

    • Intuitive Terrain "Snap to Grid " to set terrain height

    • Numeric input and readout of terrain height at specific locations

    • Adjustable: terrain size, splat map & vegetation detail resolution

    • Sculpt, Paint, and Plant vegetation simultaneously or individually – all with independent undo and re-do feature

    • 10 levels of undo per asset

    • Undo Vegetation, Painting and Sculpting independent of each other

    • Totally toggle Terrain off to create floating worlds or space type environments

  • Tri-Planar Shaders and Texturing

    • Tri-Planar Texturing (RGB, A=Specular) with Normal Maps

    • Toggle between tri-planar shader & simple

    • Shader automatically maps terrain inclines with user defined texture

    • Over 40 textures included with Normal Maps

  • Terrain Texture Color Tinting Feature

    • Change individual textures or batch

    • Change terrain textures quickly and update in real-time

  • Advanced Vegetation System

    • Adjustable vegetation density & distance, unlimited layers

    • Set vegetation min. width, height & color spectrum

    • Globally edit all vegetation from one simple interface

  • Advanced Global Vegetation Editor

    • Globally change vegetation color saturation, value, size, minimum width & height, color spectrums

  • Sophisticated Brush Support

    • Extensive brush library with adjustable brush size, rotation, power, and blend

    • Edit the entire Default Brush library for users preference

    • Project specific and default brushes independent of each other

    • Via the AGF Browser, users can import their own original:  Brushes, Terrain Textures and Vegetation Textures in PNG. Format

    • Normal Maps are created in-code on the fly; all textures are swappable once scene files loaded into Unity 5.0

    • Custom Images can be both loaded and removed for the Brushes – Terrain and Vegetation

  • Fully featured lighting and atmosphere configuration allows quick real time and runtime customization

  • Customized Lighting System

    • Key, Fill, Back, and Ambient light sources

    • Set light colors, flares & shadow configurations

    • Extensive Lens Flares to “main” light in lighting rig (over 15)

    • Newly added Underwater Lighting system

  • Fog System

    • Global and simple fog with a variety of parameters: density, falloff, color and distance

    • Set fog haze, density, distance, color, height and falloff

    • Newly added Fog System

  • Skyboxes – Select skybox cube maps with the ability to apply rotation & tint

  • Beautiful water system with sliders for wave direction, speed, intensity, refraction/reflection color and foam properties

  • Geometry Brush System

    • Create unlimited sets of geometry brushes

    • Brushes function as an independent layer to edit

    • Set min/max scale range

    • Randomly rotate X, Y, Z coordinates

    • Align to Normal

    • Spray geometry from camera view direction

    • Save and Load geometry brush presets

  • User-friendly file saving thumbnail generation for scenes when saved

  • Extensive Presets to quickly start scenes (48 included)

    • Create custom presets and share with friends

  • Fully featured transformation tools include:

    • Select, Multiple-Select, Copy/Paste, Duplicate, Translate, Rotate & Scale

  • Intuitive Grid-Snapping and Collision Detection easily place objects in scene with enhanced features that include:

  • On screen display of Grid Size

  • On screen display of Grid-Snap Setting

  • Reference numbers for both the X or Z Axis, the numbers change dynamically with the scale of the grid

  • Grid Reference Number Scaling and Display Settings can be defined by the user

  • Enhanced Settings Feature

    •  For adjustable object visibility distance

  • Elevation based dynamic atmosphere

    • Camera automatically changes the atmosphere when users are underwater vs. above water

  • Build Time Clock

    •  Saves with each scene file every time users work, creating a standing time on how long each level takes to create

  • Run-Time Static Batching

    •  Added for faster feedback when creating complex scenes

  • X, Y, Z Directional Compass

Constructor Application:
  • Constructor is where you go to create your own prefab assets from the always-expanding library of assets (over 1,000+) that are available in the AGFPRO Warehouse

  • Users can launch Constructor from the Launchpad or from the Editor

  • Use the “refresh assets” button to load prefabs into the Warehouse library

  • Constructor allows users to import their own .OBJ files (objects or assets) as well as .PNG texture files

  • Load your own models, .OBJ files, directly into Constructor

  • Combine several .OBJ files and save them as a Prefab to be used in the World Editor

AGF Browser:
  • This is a standalone browser that connects the AGF Apps together!

  • AGF Browser is designed to be the glue that is used to bring in users custom content.  Users are able to bring in custom Texture and Object files into their AGF creations

AGF Game Packager:
  • AGF DLC users are able to package their games easily and share with anyone

Just follow these steps:

  • 1) Select the Game Type

  • 2) Select the Project Folder

  • 3) Select the Destination of the New Game onto User’s Machine

  • 4) Give a Name to the Game

  • … And the AGF Game Packager does the rest… it’s really that easy!  Best of all, friends do not need to own AGF to run the packaged game, nor do they need to have a Steam account. The Packaged Game is completely stand-alone, DRM FREE, and redistribution of users game(s) is encouraged. AGF Game Packager will make a game for the OS that it was packaged on. The AGF packaged games are NOT intended for resale. It’s about creating and sharing with all.

  • As an option, the Game Packager will automatically zip the game(s) package for easy distribution and no installation is required for the end user to play – no installers are necessary for friends to play – just unzip and have fun!

  • BattleMat Multiplayer DLC and Drone Kombat Multiplayer DLC’s have now been added to the Game Packager and only one user needs to purchase AGFPRO + BattleMat DLC or AGFPRO + Drone Kombat in order to share and play with friends (up to 8 players).  Using Game Packager, these DLC Players are freely redistributable.

AGF Scene Loader Features:
  • The AGF Scene Loader loads the AGF Scene Format into Unity 5.0

  • Custom Images that are used on terrains now load into Unity 5.0 with scene(s) created in AGF

  • Any locked assets in an AGF scene are no longer an issue… The AGF/Unity Scene Loader skips any assets that are not supposed to load automatically

  • Any OBJ files that are loaded into AGF will also be loaded into Unity 5.0

  • Scene Loaders come with Source Code for AGFPRO (basic)

Action Role-Playing Game Player:
  • The ARPG Player provides users with player and camera controls that are genre specific for an ARPG game creation

  • Using the Internal Player, creations can be played in real-time to play test map creations

  • The External Player allows users the ability to package and send their levels to others to play

Platform Player:
  • The Platform Player provides users with player and camera controls that are genre specific for a Platform game.

  • The Internal Player allows users to immediately play and test their game maps in real-time.

  • The External Player allows users the ability to package and send their levels to others to play

First-Person Shooter Player:
  • This Player provides the user with an FPS camera and controller, specific for FPS game level creation and play testing

  • The FPS player can be used with the AGF packager to package their game levels to share with others

  • This Player also supports Scene-Linking and allows users to share their AGF FPS game level creations with friends and link their maps together for endless fun and gameplay!

  • FPS Weapon asset packs are also included

  • AGFPRO + PREMIUM ASSET Packager – users are able to package their assets in Unity 5.0 Free – same tools we use to make the asset packs made for AGF

  • All Source Code for Asset Packager Available in Premium

  • Batch Asset Processing

  • Automatic Icon Creation

  • Over 500 Source Art Assets and Samples are included for Premium users

  • Height Maps – Import and Export Height Maps – Any PNG file can become a terrain, files size supports 128x128 – 2048x 2048

  • Splat Map Exporting

  • OBJ Exporting with all transforms and texture maps (currently with the exception of terrain)

  • Real-time co-creation – allows up to 8 users to simultaneously develop and co-create maps together and play test in real-time

AGFPRO DLC’s Updated to support AGFPRO 3.0:
  • All AGFPRO DLC’s have been updated to work with AGFPRO v3.0, which include:

    • Fantasy Side-Scroller Player DLC

    • Zombie FPS Player DLC

    • Drone Kombat Multiplayer DLC

    • BattleMat Multiplayer DLC

    • Voxel Sculpt DLC

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