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GeoVox - Real-Time Voxel Based Terrain Editor System

GeoVox is the latest real time world generation software application created by Axis Game Factory, Inc. GeoVox is a completely new stand-alone Voxel based real-time terrain creation tool.


GeoVox instantly creates lush AAA quality environments at the start of the

application. Designed with intuitive game like controls it allows users to test for

level playability as they are creating.


Key Features:
  • User Experience

  • Instant environment is generated at application start

  • Simple tools that allow users to edit the environment as needed without a

steep learning curve

  • Clean, low overhead GUI that allows for fast terrain editing, without limiting

users creativity

  • Standard game controls to allow users to explore their environment to

simulate gameplay

  • Full real-time Voxel based terrain editing

    -  Fullyedit the terrain with simple point and click volume brushes

    -  Add Voxel volumes

    -  Cut Voxel volumes

    -  Cut volumes and Paint textures and apply user define assets simultaneously

    -  Cut Voxels

  • Fully featured fractal algorithmic terrain generator

  • Limited or Infinite terrain editing abilities (user decides and determines how large they want their maps)

  •  Create from hundreds of pre-packed, license free assets to use for

professional development

  •  New 3rd Person Character Controller System


Assets include:
  •  Trees

  •  Plants

  •  Rocks

  •  Shrubs

  •  Flowers

  •  Grasses

  •  Library of terrain textures included with color, normal and specular maps


  •  Importing of AGF Asset Packs

  •  GeoVox to .Obj exporting

  •  User defined export location

  •  User defined export size

  •  Two (2) levels of terrain LOD (levels of detail)

  •  All mesh assets with transform applied


*GeoVox is a STAND ALONE application and does NOT require AGFPRO in order to run the software


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