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AGFPROV3 Tutorials

As new videos are made, they will be added to the top of this page.  Many of the older tutorial videos are accurate, so please take the time to review the information to see if any of it may pertains to your needs.


AGFPRO Manual v3.0



  • Back Up Content

  • Delete Content

  • Download NEW Content

  • Installation

  • Important file locations


AGFPROV1 Tutorials and Videos

The BASICS of how to use AGF


  • Overall Work Space

  • Basic Window Menus 

  • Radial Menus

  • Multiple Camera Navigation Controls

  • Simple Grid Features


AGFPRO Tutorial 001

The GRID EDITOR and features of the GRID


  • Overall Grid Editor and Features

  • Basic Grid Use

  • How Objects Snap to the Grid

  • How the Grid can be set to Specific Heights

  • Grid Keyboard Shortcut Commands


AGFPRO Tutorial 002

Terrain Editor in Combination with the Grid Editor


  • Terrain Sculpting

  • Flattening the Terrain

  • Creating Paths and Switchbacks

  • Painting the Terrain

  • Rotation of the Terrain Brush

  • Vegetation Application

  • Global Vegetation Editing


AGFPRO Tutorial 003

How to Import AGF Scene Files into Unity Free and Pro


  • Importing AGF Scene Loader Package into Unity

  • Importing Unity Character Controler

  • Accessing the AGF Scene Loader Tool

  • Setting “Source Directory” path to your AGF Asset Packs

  • Step 01. Instantiate the Intergration Prefab

  • Step 02. Configuration of Main Camera

  • Step 03. Load AGF Scene into Unity

  • Play your AGF Scene in Unity


AGFPRO Tutorial 004

AGFPRO Scene Loader Doc for Unity 5.0

AGFPRO Asset Packager !! Works in Uniyt 5 Free and pro !!

How to Create AGF Asset Bundles in Unity Pro for use in AGF


  • Importing AGF Asset Packager - Package into Unity Pro

  • What is in the AGF Asset Packager

  • Where the "read me" files are for the Asset Packager

  • What Source Assets are avialable in the Asset Packager

  • Texture Nomenclature

  • Create a Terrain Texture Pack

  • Importing the Terrain Texture Pack into AGF


This document walks you through the process of making assets packs in Unity 5 for use AGF 


  • Installation / Unity Import of Package data

  • How to package assets from Unity for use in AGF

How to make very large rolling terrains in AGF quickly


  • Setting up AGF for fastest feedback

  • Using the Modify Menu in the Terrain Editor 

  • Sculpting the Terrain

  • Adding Textures and Vegetation

  • Play Testing the completed Terrain


AGFPRO Tutorial 006

Tutorial ZFPS01- PART 01
How to Create Buildings and Gameplay using
the Assets Provided in the Zombie FPS Player. 


  • Creating new Scene.

  • Scene Name Nomenclature.

  • Importing Asset Packs.

  • Proper Grid Settings for the Buildings.

  • Placement and rotation of the assets.

  • Alignment of assets to the normals.

  • Start and End locators


Tutorial ZFPS01- PART 02
How to Create Buildings and Gameplay using
the Assets Provided in the Zombie FPS Player.


  • Sending a Scene file to the External Zombie Player.

  • Start and End Locators.

  • Location of Zombie Assets after import.

  • Adding Characters to your Scene.

  • Scene Linking and Loading Nomenclature.

  • Making Changes to Scene Files.

  • Reloading Scenes.


AGFV3 Lets Build an FPS Map 
Using the "Bonus" Assets provided in the Zombie FPS Player DLC - we show users how to build an FPS Map.


  • How to Load Assets into your warehouse.

  • How to "Select" and "Add" Assets to be used in your scene.

  • Placement of Assets and using Dropdown for more variations.

  • Applying "Transforms" to Assets while on tooltip.

  • Placing "Start" and "End" Locators to Play your map.


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