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Voxel Sculpt DLC

What is a VOXEL???  Voxel is short for volume pixel, the smallest distinguishable box-shaped part of a three-dimensional image.  Voxel Sculpt empowers users the ability to create unique and custom worlds one voxel at a time.  By adding or subtracting voxels, users can create bridges, tunnels, caves, floating platforms, or any other organic shape by using soft or hard-edged voxels.


AGFPRO’s Voxel Sculpt works with ALL of the DLC’s – Fantasy, Zombie, Drone, BattleMat and Premium – is compatible with Unity 5.0 and will work with all future DLC releases as well. 


Key Features include:

  • Allow users to add voxel assets to their maps in the same manner that AGF allows them to add any other assets through the warehouse


  • Auto generate voxel terrains on the fly with a simple to use interface


  • All additions to the voxel shapes use the same “tool-tip” placement and snapping tools


  • Users are able to duplicate and transform these voxel assets as needed after the Voxel asset is created


  • Users are able to create their own texture combinations as they like, from the terrain textures that are already available in AGFPRO


  • Custom Images can be loaded for use with voxels


  • Saving, Importing and sharing of voxel assets with other AGF users


  • All AGFPRO DLC will support Voxel Sculpt asset types


  • *The main application, AGFPRO 3.0 is required to use Voxel Sculpt DLC


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