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Drone Kombat DLC

Drone Kombat is another addition to the Axis Game Factory AGFPRO DLC line-up!  Drone Kombat is a fast action Kombat Sci-fi First-Person-Shooter, Multiplayer and Team Co-op system where you can create your maps from an array of modular interior and exterior location assets.  Gameplay comes together when you pilot your vehicle and take out the enemy Drones!!



Key Features:

  • Single Wave-Based Enemy Combat

  • New AI System – AI nodes are built into the model assets in addition, as you play the game, the users paths are recorded and added to the scene file so the more you play, the smarter the AI enemy becomes

  • Enemy Drones

  • Jump-Jets – allow for short bursts to jump location and avoid enemy fire

  • Over 50 new Assets that include Space Station and Space Ship – All Unlocked to use in Unity3d


Multiple Weapons include Primary and Secondary:

  • Quad laser cannon

  • Rockets

  • Magnetic mines

  • Shields

  • Bombs

  • Health


An Elaborate HUD System includes:

  • Rearview Camera

  • Enemy Targeting

  • Stats

  • Team/Co-op

  • Displays Allies & Enemies Positioning as well as Health


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