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Axis Game Factory’s AGFPRO v3.0 – for PC, MAC and LINUX - Updated to work with Unity 5.0


AGFPRO v3.0 is a comprehensive toolset designed to provide game developers, hobbyists and gamers with a powerful and rapid level creation, terrain/vegetation editing, lighting and atmosphere system and runs on the PC, Mac and Linux operating systems.


AGF is a stand-alone suite of applications that empower users to create game levels and environments for many types of game genres, allowing users to create vast worlds quickly and efficiently.  Users can also share their game creations immediately using the “Game Packager” feature, which packages their creations for anyone to play for free. 


AGF’s user interface and workflow allows novice users the ability to immediately “Build, Play and Share”, while experienced game developers benefit from advanced features necessary to rapidly create and realize quality environments.


AGFPRO v3.0 Basic, Premium and all external player DLC’s have been completely restructured to support the latest features of the Unity 5.0 game engine. This allows users to import their AGF scene files easily into Unity 5.0 with the “AGF Scene Loader,” (included with source code) to further customize and publish their work for commercial use. 


AGF empowers users to rapidly create game maps, sculpt terrain and design levels quickly and easily. With over 1000 assets pre-stocked in the warehouse, along with 48 pre-set themes and 8 sample maps, developers, hobbyists and gamers can begin creating and sharing levels in minutes.


AGFPRO v3.0 Premium DLC is an enhanced feature set that further extends the possibilities of AGFPRO.  Premium now includes all of the necessary tools to allow users the ability to create their own asset packs using the custom “AGF Asset Packager” with Unity 5.0 Free (including source code).  


Creating game levels and maps in AGFPRO are easy and fun – now ANYONE can create quality 3D game worlds without having to program, model or animate!

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